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St. Louis Rams roster: What's next?

Some familiar names and some fan favorites at Rams Park found themselves among the hundreds of players seeking a chance on another roster. Like every other team in the NFL, the St. Louis Rams trimmed their way from 80 to 53 players, as required by the league. However, next Sunday's roster will look a little different than the current version. 

The most surprising move: Cutting Donnie Avery This move, despite Avery's track record, sent fans spinning. Funny, I remember the overwhelming reaction to the Rams drafting Avery in 2008 as one of disappointment. He never lived up to the scouting reports. Maybe things would have been different had he been healthy last year. Fans overvalued him. No other NFL team would trade a late-round draft pick for him, as is often the case for guys coming off a major knee injury. 

Other surprise moves: George Selvie, Daniel Muir, Zac Diles and Thaddeus Lewis
The Selvie move is the hardest one to swallow. The kid can play. Eugene Sims out-shined him this month with some very impressive play. I guess Darrell Scott had a strong camp, to beat out Muir. Scott looked like he was done late last season. 

Chris Long, Chris Chamberlain and Justin King are the only players remaining from the 2008 draft. 

What's next?

Cornerback help looks like the biggest priority. Right now Justin King and Al Harris are the only two behind the starters. Will they make a run at someone like Joselio Hanson? A professional nickel, he would be the ideal player for the Rams' needs, but the Rams won't be the only team courting. 

If you're a Rams tight end not named Lance Kendricks or Michael Hoomanawanui, don't get too comfortable. They're still looking for help at that position, according to Jim Thomas. I would not be at all surprised if Dan Gronkowski gets a call, based on his connection with Josh McDaniels in Denver. 

The same thing goes for Hank Fraley and Drew Miller, though I am happy to see Miller make the team for now. The need another big, power blocker backing up the interior linemen. 

If tradition holds, they'll start filling out the practice squad as players clear waivers. Thad Lewis, if he makes it, will be back, as will Jonathan Nelson, I suspect. Remember this is also where that pre-draft scouting comes in handy, and they might sign a few players that were not on the roster last month.