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Can The St. Louis Rams Finish With A Winning Record?

Can the St. Louis Rams finish the 2011 NFL season with a winning record? It was a foregone conclusion at one point in time, back in August when enthusiasm ran hot and all of of statistics told us that it would be so. Now, sitting at 0-3, it seems like a long shot.

Fortunately for the Rams, they play in the NFC West. However that can't be taken for granted anymore, since the Rams appear to have just as much, if not more, NFC West-ness than the other three teams in the division. Now, when those same teams take on the Ravens, Giants and Eagles, the results should be the same.

The Rams also have some help on the way at wide receiver with Mark Clayton returning after the bye week. They signed a veteran CB in Rod Hood who should, hopefully, help a thin secondary.

But the question remains, can they get back above .500 and finish the season that way?

After the jump, one expert offers his take on this very question.

So, there's one opinion, what's yours?