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Random Ramsdom 9/30: Rams injury update


The Rams are getting their lineup and their game plan finalized for the game Sunday against the Redskins in what will hopefully be their first win of the year.  They beat the Redskins last season, but that was with a washed up Donovan McNabb at QB.  This year Rex Grossman, yes Rex Grossman, has been playing very well for Washington.  He is a totally different QB than what he was with Chicago.  It should be a good game.  

On to the links.

Jackson should increase workload

The Rams are hopeful that Steven Jackson should be able to have more carries this week than last week.  He only carried the ball four times.  Quad injuries are one of those types of injuries when your never really sure how long it takes to heal.  He's been practicing all week in a limited role which is a good sign, so he will most likely play Sunday.  The question is will he get the normal Steven Jackson workload or will he share carries with Cadillac Williams?

Danny doubtful for Sunday

Even though there were reports that Danny Amendola wanted to play this week it seems like the Rams will keep him out one more game.  He is listed as doubtful after he dislocated his elbow in the first game of the season.  I agree with not playing Danny.  I rather wait until after the bye next week to make sure he is fully healthy.  The last thing I want to see is Danny reinjure his elbow.

About those sacks

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch wrote a very good article about why Bradford is on pace to be sacked 59 times this season, which would be a franchise record.  He first points out that people other than the line are struggling at pass protection, mainly Cadillac Williams and Billy Bajema.  I would still think Jason Smith should be more to blame than those two.  He was picked second overall and he was benched for Adam Goldberg!  Thomas also mentioned that always playing form behind has hurt pass protection.  They are forced into passing the ball and thus the defense will put more pressure on Bradford.  Lastly he points out that Sam Bradford needs to improve his pocket presence.  At times he will hold on to the ball to long instead of hitting his hot read or his check down.  A lot needs to improve but Bradford likely won't last the whole year at this pace.

Browns fan was kicked out for "excessive standing"

Yes a fan was kicked out of the Browns game, not for being rude or drunk, but for standing.  According the Brown's stadium policy fans can only stand during 3rd and 4th downs.  This is just stupid people!!  If you want to sit and watch the game, STAY AT HOME!  This is why the NFL is becoming more and more the no fun league.