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Can the Rams turn the season around again by beating the Redskins?

Here we go again :(
Here we go again :(

The Rams are hosting the Washington Redskins this Sunday, in what could be a must win game for the Rams. It's only the fourth game of the season, but after the bye week the Rams play the Packers and Saints. Beating the Redskins, could be the turning point the Rams need.

The Rams have beaten the Redskins in two of the last three seasons, and both were also their first wins of the year, including last season's victory in week 3. Since this is the Rams and Redskins 4th season playing each other in a row, these teams should be more than acquainted with each other by now. Obviously the league feels that these two teams are making the foundation of a new rivalry, or maybe it's just a coincidence.

It would be hard to say the Rams aren't the underdogs heading into this matchup. The Rams were embarrassed last week, but this has to be the week that they get back on track. This won't be an easy game for the Rams, but if they are going to compete for the NFC West crown, they have to beat a good team.

The Redskins have been very impressive these last three weeks. They could be 3-0, if it wasn't for a bad defensive call in the 4th quarter. Quarterback is probably the biggest issue going against them right now, but Rex Grossman has been serviceable. The Redskins defense is also pretty good, with lots of good players on it. Their defensive line and secondary are really impressive. The Rams will have to have a good game if they are going beat this team.

This game will show us a lot about the Rams. If the Rams can have a good game and win this week, then they will have a lot of confidence going into the bye week. This is still a good team. I expect the Rams to finally come through this week. They won't be mistake free, but I expect to see a more focus Ram team this week.

It's a great thing that the bye week is so soon for the Rams. The Rams have a lot of issues to work out. Also Steven Jackson, Cadillac Williams and Danny Amendola, should be closer to 100% after the bye week. Also it means that Mark Clayton will be rejoining the team soon. When these players get closer to 100%, and the Rams can get more practice with their offensive plays, then the playoffs could be in the Rams future.