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Sept. 3 college football open thread

  And it's here!  The first Saturday of college football.  It's like a warm blanket on a cold, rainy afternoon.  It's like a soothing bath after two-a-days.  It's's's whatever's really, really awesome when everything else sucks.  Spencer's better at this whole writing thing than I am...

  Screw the similes.  It's time for football.  I've got three of today's games on my week 1 watchlistMinnesota-USC, Boise St.-Georgia & LSU-Oregon.  The last two don't kickoff until tonight, and the USC game's this afternoon, but there's plenty of other prospects to scout throughout the day.  Most of the other matchups are pretty weak (though Notre Dame-South Florida could be a good contest with more than a dozen NFL prospects).

  So if you're watching a game or just want to talk about future NFLers, put it all here.  I'll try to drop the occasional observation throughout the day.  It should be a fun one.  Holler.