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NFL roster cuts: Keeping an eye on the cornerbacks

The St. Louis Rams suffered one significant injury in training camp this year. Second-year cornerback Jerome Murphy fractured his ankle when he hit a divot in the practice field. Murphy will now spend his season on the injured reserve list. Losing just one player, it could have been much worse for the Rams; however, they lost a player at a position where they were counting on him for depth. Now, Billy Devaney is expected to seek out another corner on the waiver wire. 

One name to keep an eye on: Quincy Butler. The Rams have sort of an on-again, off-again relationship with Butler, who was cut by the Saints yesterday. Butler joined the Rams late in 2009 when they were seeking depth. He was re-signed after the 2009 season, cut after camp last year and resigned in October. Could Butler be on the radar again as a fifth corner? 

I'm certainly not endorsing the idea, just advising you to keep an eye on the situation. Remember, this is a fifth cornerback spot for a team lacking much salary cap space; don't expect the second coming of Aeneas Williams.