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Random Ramsdom, 9/3: Cut down day

Today is roster cut day
Today is roster cut day

Roster cuts happen today. The deadline for roster cuts is 4 p.m. Eastern, and it usually precipitates a whole lot of action. The St. Louis Rams cut seven yesterday, leaving them with 20 more cuts to make today. We'll be here with reaction to the moves. In the meantime, some links. 

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What 4-0 really means - Nothing. Ok, the preseason was not totally meaningless, just the final score. The Rams entered the preseason with some very specific goals that will translate to the regular season. What were those goals? More importantly, were they accomplished?

Knee a factor for Danario Alexander's roster status - Spagnuolo said that Danario Alexander's knee will indeed be a factor in making a final roster decision. The coach spoke highly of his efforts, but noted that it would be unfair to the other players if that did not receive consideration in the decision.

Quarterback controversy? - Kind of. Spagnuolo acknowledged that he and his staff face a tough decision about who the primary backup quarterback will be. Thaddeus Lewis wowed everyone, again, with his solid work in the preseason.

On The Bubble: LB Edition " Rams Gab - A good look at the linebacker spot for the Rams, where the coaches have some tough decisions. The guy I wonder about is Zac Diles. He didn't exactly stand out in preseason play, but does bring a solid track record. Can he beat out some of the others?

Josh McDaniels takes big real estate hit - Don't tell Josh McDaniels about the bubble, the real estate bubble. He sold his old house in Colorado for a $500,000 loss. McDaniels' McMansion was purchased for $2.5 million and sold for $1.95 million. He makes $2 million a year on a two-year deal with the Rams.

The Biggest Threat To Your Fantasy Draft - The author of this article drafted FOUR players from the Rams in a Vegas fantasy draft. People really go to Vegas to draft a fantasy football team? If you're thinking about doing the same, this guy has some advice. I'd probably never make it to the draft.

Seahawks win final preseason game - So, that means they should roll, right? Not so fast. Their offensive line did play much better, and Tavaris Jackson moved the ball. They did play the Raiders, a team that might be among the league's worst this year. 

You can keep an eye on NFL roster cuts over at SBNation.