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Danny Amendola, Steven Jackson Status: One Gets Closer, One Ready To Go

Running back Steven Jackson #39 of the St. Louis Rams will be ready to go this week.
Running back Steven Jackson #39 of the St. Louis Rams will be ready to go this week.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola upped his workload in practice today, according to Jim Thomas at the Post-Dispatch. Amendola worked in team drills today on a limited basis. Yesterday, Amendola did only individual drills. 

Amendola is still listed as doubtful for this week's game against the Redskins. The Rams said yesterday that he would most likely be held out until after the team's week five bye. This week or week six, either way, the Rams will take it. After dislocating his elbow in the season opener, many thought he would be out for the season. No surgery was required to fix the joint, and his main challenge after the swelling went down was to regain strength in his elbow. 

The Rams offense has missed the check down machine in recent weeks. Only the Bengals are worse on third downs than the Rams with a 26 percent conversion rate. 

Steven Jackson Ready To Go

Steven Jackson will be extremely important to the Rams offensive game plan this week. Fortunately for the Rams, Jackson said he felt fine today and would be ready to go this weekend. Even though he was lost to injury before the second half of last year's win over Washington, Jackson was a catalyst  for the Rams offense. 

No Blackout

The Rams met the sellout requirement for this week's game, ensuring that the game will not be blacked out on local television.