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Random Ramsdom: Lunchtime Links, 9/29/2011


Don't you just love it when your alarm doesn't go off, and (for those of us still in college) you literally have to run to a test? That's what happened to me today. My phone can go on the internet, play games, record HD video, but apparently it can't make it's own alarm go off. Excuses, you say! I'm late to the party with Random Ramsdom. Well, hopefully these links will go down as well as your lunch does.

Sando breaks down passing targets, by yard

Remember all that talk about the super combo of Illinois Mike and Lance Kendricks? Check out the table (third down on the list). I don't think the pass distribution is one we would have guessed three weeks ago.

O.J. Atogwe returns this week...perhaps bringing gifts for James Laurinaitis?

After being snubbed in the offseason, James Laurinaitis wants his toys. Even though Chris Long cherishes his Green Lantern action figure, well, it cannot be looked at this week, or so he says.

Update on injuries

A lot of players practiced, including Sam Bradford (toe), Steven Jackson (leg), Rodger Saffold (chin- and seriously, how do you get a chin injury in the NFL?), and more. Check out the whole list at the link.

on the inside, check out:

3k's chat with Hogs Haven

Mike D's fantasy breakdown

The newest TST Power Rankings

Taosman's shame


That's all for today. For those of you still eating, GET BACK TO WORK!