The shame of it all!


   As he looked at the scoreboard counting down 4 seconds, 3, 2, 1, over. Moving to remove his headset and handing it to an assistant his first thought is "Damn, this ass whipping is going to piss-off allot of people again." He then slowly walks across the field with a 'painted' smile greeting opposing players and finally seeing the head coach of the other team and shakes his hand, who then whispers to him.

"Coach, you've have a good core of players, just have to go one game at a time."




Grinning now, he replies. "Thanks, you guys came back strong this week and we didn't."

As he turns away to walk to his own locker room, the other coach says. "You're in the NFC West, so keep your faith."

He also turns to walk off the field as his offensive coordinator catches up to him and says. "Other than the Quarterback play, the rest of the offense was really off except on a few plays!"

Looking down he replies. "Yeah, this is really looking like a slow process in development."

The O.C. then adds. "We'll tone down the game planning this week and re-instill the basics again."

Taking off in a jog, he answers. "Sounds good."

Thinking to himself as he enters the tunnel. "I'm just have to do what my head coach did while I was in the "Big Apple' as an assistant, but in reverse. This pillar idea is good in principle, but if that doesn't translate to the field, it has to be changed!. I've been able to look on the field and be proud one minute, then disappointed for ten. Maybe, I need to be angry more like when that terrible penalty was called during the game. I know composure is one of my best traits, but if the players don't see more spark from me, then they won't have any."

Upon entering the locker room and looking around at the down-ridden faces of his player he says. "Men, we really stunk it up today. If your measure of play doesn't improve, HEADS WILL ROLL.........!"