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Is St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo In Trouble? TST Mailbag Sept. 28th

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St. Louis Rams faithful, it's another Wednesday and that means another TST Mailbag! If you want to get a question answered in future mailbags, like us on Facebook. Let's get started with a question on everyone's mind lately...

Jordan Breck Is Spags in trouble?

Not right now and he is safe for this season, but if the Rams continue to have games like the one against the Ravens this year, Kronke may revaluate the coaching staff.

Joe Baccamazzi ‎(If signed) Does Hood figure to start/play immediately or does he get acclimated over the bye week? Get King off the field!

Well he was signed and he will probably play right away, but not in a starting role yet. The bye week will be very helpful for him to get used to the defense and he might win the other starting corner spot.

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Kevin Fles Will St.Louis start blocking off some of the top sections (seats) with giant banners, or something, ala Jacksonville, so games are easier to sell out and so it doesent look so pathetic with sections upon sections of empty seats?

No. If they were going to do that, they would have done it long ago. The Rams know that to fill up the stadium and avoid blackouts, they just need to put a good product on the field.

Randy Litka With the receiving corps looking bleak, and with Amendola down... why don't we sign back Donnie Avery to the practice squad? In fact, why don't we sign him, activate him and drop Salas down to the practice squad?

If Avery was any good, wouldn't someone have signed him by now? The fact is Avery wouldn't have a big enough impact, and plus we have Mark Clayton coming back soon.

Rick Siegel I feel like this is a great matchup for the Rams. No shifty RB, no great #1 WR to exploit the Rams CB issues. Do you feel like I do...a loss this week means a 4-5 win season at best?

Starting 0-4 will probably put the playoffs out of reach, and a 6 win season is about what I would expect at that point. Also Santana Moss is a guy who can easily exploit the Rams corners.

Imi Fanene ‎3 weeks of no offense,will the offense improve as the season goes on & do the guys need to show more emotion on the field?

I don't see a way the offense doesn't improve as the season goes on. Building more chemistry and getting used to the new offense will definitely make the offense better. Also I don't think they need more emotion on the field, they just need to play better.

Nathan Cheadle How much of an effect do you think that the lockout is still having on our offense?

The impact the lockout had on the offense is huge. The sharpness and efficiency I expect out of a Josh McDaniels offense hasn't been there yet. The Rams haven't been able to build the chemistry in the new offense and that will still take some time.

Frank McEntire Is it the players or the coaching that causes these horrible mental mistakes every week?

It not as simple as one or the other. It's both, though I blame the players a bit more.

Scott Gladden Do you think Spags is being out coached or is it simply a lack of players? It sure seems like other coaches are doing more with less and I don't believe we've ever came back in the 4th Qtr with him as coach- Does the game move too fast for him? Oh well I'm at least of the ledge and willing to see what he can do when we start play more even competition.

I think that Spags is being out coached so far this season. Teams have been able to take advantage of some of the holes on our team, and Spags has been unable to patch up those holes or to take advantages of other teams holes, such as the Eagles' LBs, or the Giants injuries in the secondary. Also teams seem to be able to take advantage of our aggressive defensive scheme with cutback runs and screen passes. Another thing is Spags is slow in making adjustments during games. How can you not only let Torrey Smith score twice on you in one quarter, but three times!! After the first TD to Smith, Spags should have made an adjustment to the deep passing of the Ravens, but he didn't.

Mike Tockgo Should we just tank the season, and get the number one pick overall? Trade the pick for multiple picks so that we can shore up our weaknesses...Trade Sjax now for draft picks as well..get rid of Spags and bring on someone else who is more fiery!

No...just no.  This is the NFL.  You owe it to the fans and more importantly what's right to go out and try to win.  IT'S ONLY WEEK FOUR; THE SEASON ISN'T OVER!  As Herm Edwards once said, "you play to win the game."