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Rams Vs Ravens Game Ball: Torrey Smith

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You could pick several players from the St. Louis Rams week three game against the Baltimore Ravens. Terrell Suggs befuddled the offensive line and Sam Bradford. Corey Redding gave the line fits. Still, you just cannot overlook a player who scored three touchdowns on his first three catches. Torrey Smith had an amazing regular season NFL debut, and deserves credit, even from Rams fans. 

We spent most of our time after the game spitting out some vitriol for the poor play of the Rams secondary. And, that unit for the most part deserved it. But give Smith some credit too. He made some great plays, and not every receiver in the league could have caught those balls, inept Rams secondary or otherwise. 

Speaking of draft picks, it's worth giving Robert Quinn some credit too. The rookie did manage to get pressure, got credit for two hits on the QB and a handful of hurries. Imagine what he might have done if the Rams had actually had a lead. I thought about Cadillac Williams too. He ran well on the day, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Save for that one play, you know the one, Williams has been a solid addition for the Rams.