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Week 4 power rankings - it burns

Dropping like flies, people.  Let's skip the intro and just get our conventional wisdom on.

For reference, here's last week's ranking summary.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 29.10 (10)
Average change from last week -4.70
Highest ranking (source) 26th (Sports Illustrated)
Lowest ranking (source) 32nd (Sporting News)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (Fox Sports)
Biggest negative change (source) -9 (ESPN)

SB Nation: 28th (22nd last week)

I'm still not totally convinced this is one of the worst teams in the league but the results show I'm on my way to being wrong.

The rest of the major power rankings after the jump.


ESPN: 31st (22nd)

A disappointing start is becoming discouraging after the Baltimore beatdown. 30th (27th)

The Rams made Ravens rookie Torrey Smith look like Randy Moss. What a terrible rebound game for a team most people thought were the favorite in the NFC West. Playing without Danny Amendola and Steven Jackson hurt the offense, no doubt. Still, Steve Spagnuolo has to find ways to create a pass rush and mix coverages effectively, or this team goes 5-11.

CBS Sports: 28th (25th)

They hardly look like a team headed for a division title. The schedule is downright brutal.

Pro Football Talk: 30th (26th)

If they can’t beat the Redskins with Washington is coming off a short week, the Rams may not win a game until November.

National Football Post: 31st (24th)

We expected to see more production from McDaniels’ and Sam Bradford in the new offensive system.

Sporting News: 32nd (27th)

"Wow" factor: RB Steven Jackson
It's a shame Jackson has been limited since his first carry of the season in the opener against the Eagles. They need him to be able to take on a load to be a respectable offense.

Pro Football Weekly: 28th (24th)

Once thought to be the division favorites, Rams dig early hole.

Fox Sports: 27th (27th)

Injuries and a brutal schedule have shown that the Rams just don't yet have the talent to compete. Giving up better than 500+ yards to the Ravens at home is a concern.

Sports Illustrated: 26th (20th)

I'm trying to figure out whether I've totally over-sold myself on the Rams, or if they're just in an early season funk against some quality opponents? Even at 0-3, I still think St. Louis wins the weak NFC West this season, but seven or eight wins is probably the ceiling for the Rams. The facts aren't pretty in St. Loo: The Rams have lost six of their past seven games since reaching a hopeful 6-6 early last December, and this year's club has been trounced by a combined score of 96-36 in three games (a 20-point margin of defeat per week).