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VIDEO: St. Louis Rams "Ram Rules" Addendum

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You remember the Ram Rules, right? Sure you do. It was that embarrassing video the St. Louis Rams made to induct fans into the world of supporting an NFL team. 

For dedicated fans, the whole thing proved to be a bit of joke. For the Rams, not used to having sellout crowds at the Ed Jones Dome, the thing was more like a public service announcement, a way to initiate fans interested in this curiosity that is the Rams. 

Friend of the site, Matt Sebek at Joe Sports Fan updated the Ram Rules, providing us with rules six through ten. It's very instructional. They even found one of the original actors from the video to help them out. Thanks guys! Follow them on Twitter too

Unfortunately, the Rams team did nothing to give recently inducted fans anything to cheer about in the opener, or the week after and the week after that too. In fact, they'll be lucky to get fans back to the Dome with the product on the field. You don't need to be a dedicated Xs and Os nerd to know bad football when you see it. 

St. Louis "Ram Rules" Round Two from on Vimeo.