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Rams Vs Ravens: Five Key Stats

The St. Louis Rams were totally destroyed in every facet of the game Sunday by the Ravens.  No unit on the team even came close to playing okay.  Everyone played bad, and every coach did a bad job preparing players and making adjustments.  There is no excuse for what happened Sunday.  The Rams got their ass totally handed to them, and they deserved it.  After the jump a look at stats, and a warning note, they aren't pretty.

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1. The Ravens had 553 yards and the Rams had 244...double our yards. Just shoot me.

2. The Ravens had five sacks and a countless number of hits on Bradford.  People talk all the time about how bad the Bears' protection is for Jay Cutler.  How much longer until people say that about the Rams' protection for Sam Bradford?

3. Torrey Smith had five catches for 152 yards and three TDs (all in the first quarter and all on Justin King).  This was the first game he made a catch in his NFL career.  Give credit when credit is due.  Smith was a beast for the Ravens, but at what point did the Rams plan on making the adjustment.  To me the Rams seem to be slow at making in game adjustments (e.g. couldn't stop Mike Vick from scrambling) and that's one of the reasons they have played so badly this year in my opinion.  Also the fact that Spags said the team wasn't prepared for Smith is unacceptable.  THIS IS THE NFL; YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!!!

4. For the third strait week the opposing defense has scored a TD off a Sam Bradford fumble. Defenses playing the Rams have scored the same number of touchdowns that the Rams offense has this season.  

5. The Rams run defense had another poor week.  They gave up 168 yards rushing.  The thing is the run defense appears to do well until they let up a huge run, like the 53 harder to Ray Rice.  The question I have is why is the run defense so bad?  Is Freddy Robbins too old now?  Have Justin Bannan and the new OLBs not done their job well?  What is it?!!?  I honestly don't know, but the fact is the rush defense is going to have to improve for the Rams defense to play well this year.