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Danny Amendola Injury: Rams Will Be Cautious

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The St. Louis Rams are close to having Danny Amendola back in action. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo said in his presser today that Amendola will be fitted for a new brace, and could start practicing again soon. However, with a week five bye just around the corner, the Rams will be cautious with Amendola as he recovers from a dislocated elbow. 

Sam Bradford and the Rams could certainly use their top wide receiver. Against the Ravens, the Rams receivers struggled to get open, again, and Bradford was left looking for options that never materialized. With Danny back in the fold, Bradford would have his most reliable option for quick passes, alleviating some of the pressure that the offensive line obviously cannot handle. 

As much as I'd like to see Amendola back in the fold, the last two weeks have me wondering where in the hell the tight ends are? Second round pick Lance Kendricks caught two of three passes thrown his way. Michael Hoomanawanui caught one of two. McDaniels targets his tight ends less and less every week. Why? Kendricks may be the most talented of all the Rams pass catchers. When the Rams selected him in the second round this year, all we heard about was the team using a two tight end strategy like McD's old boss in New England. 

Add that to the list of questions the St. Louis media didn't bother to ask.

Speaking of the tight ends, Michael Hoomanawanui is hurt...again. He suffered a back strain against the Ravens. No word yet on whether or not he will play this week. For those of you keeping score at home that's three injuries for Hoomanawanui since the start of training camp.