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Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference

St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo will address the press in a few moments. You can watch the video live here and discuss in the comments. I'd say that the coach has a lot to answer for. While a few members of the local press do a fine job and are not afraid to ask tough questions; those questions mostly are left on the table. 

What a shame. Accountability is badly needed. 

Watch live streaming video from nflrams at

On Twitter, we've been posing questions for the coach, using the hashtag #mondaypresserQs. 

UPDATE: Spagnuolo answered questions for about twenty minutes. In case you had any doubts about the St. Louis media's ability to ask the tough questions...someone spent a chunk of Spags' twenty minutes asking about whether or not Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh running up the score on the Rams. Seriously. That question was asked today. When you think about that game, is that the first thing that comes to mind?