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Random Ramsdom, 9/26: Brace Yourself

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

Still reeling from the St. Louis Rams' belly flop yesterday? Me too. Expect a ton of push back today on the interwebs and talk radio. The fan base is pretty worked up, rightfully so, and the chatter today is going to span the distance between draft picks, firings and trades that will never happen. Oi. Brace yourself. 

Rams take a pounding from Ravens - Rams players and coaches were shocked by the game. We all were shocked by the game. Justin King talks about the passes to Torrey Smith, and Quintin Mikell assesses blame to the whole team.

Smith is benched in tough day on the line - Who did Jason Smith shove, none other than Ray Lewis. Instead of shoving Lewis, Smith should have been absorbing the kind of intensity Lewis brings to the game. Smith could use a little dose of that.

Tough lessons for Kevin Kolb, Cardinals - NFC West Blog - Man, the NFC West is a travesty. Here's Sando's write up on the ugliness from Seattle yesterday, when the Seahawks beat the Cardinals. San Francisco leads the division, and has a two game lead over the Rams. At this point, two games might as well be twenty.