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Rams Vs. Ravens: The Quick Five

At this point, I'm not sure what you can say about this St. Louis Rams team. It has the talent to play well. but nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, works for them. The Rams came out of the gate completely stagnant and things never really got better. The only silver lining after this game is that there really isn't any place this team can go but up. Here are this week's quick five:

Justin King, CB

I'd give King all five slots if I could. At this point, there is no reason as to why he is ever out on the field. He was obliterated against a rookie who hadn't even caught a pass in the NFL. The FA options at CB may be slim pickings, but how could it get any worse than what we've already seen? I think a safe bet is to claim whatever receiver lines up against King every week in fantasy football.

Steve Loney, Offensive Line Coach

 Like the old equipment manager, he needs to be replaced. The Rams have talent at the offensive line. The problem, which I now believe after watching yet another shoddy performance, is in the coaching. Of course, this can be expected from someone who took the Vikings offensive line from first to almost dead last in two short years.


Robert Quinn, DE

Quinn played relatively well yesterday. He still has some issues, but he's the Athletic DE that the Rams need. It appears that the suspension he served his senior year hasn't hampered his ability.

Darian Stewart, S

The Rams high hopes for Stewart appear to be just that. Stewart didn't exactly impress after replacing Craig Dahl, but it appears that Stewart isn't yet ready for the spotlights.

Steve Spagnuolo, Head Coach

Originally, I had this reserved for another Justin King bashing. But I changed my tune after reading some comments Spagnuolo made after the game. It's come to the point where if the Rams don't perform, it's on him. It's been nearly a month into the season and the Rams have made zero progress with just about every facet of the game. As much as I hate to say this, it appears jettisoning Scott Linehan's vanilla offense for Spagnuolo's vanilla mentality might not provide the dividends we all hoped for.