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Torrey Smith Makes History Against The Rams

Leave it to the St. Louis Rams to end up on the wrong side of history. Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith became the first rookie since 1991 to score touchdowns on his first three NFL receptions. Smith's first three catches in this game ended up giving the Ravens six points apiece. 

Smith had a premonition about it too. Via Twitter:

On the way to the stadium....excited about my first start...I have a good feeling about today
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Of course, what better way to start your NFL career than facing Rams CB Justin King. Starting in relief of Ron Bartell, King had no answer for Smith. The Rams probably put King on Smith because he was the only one who could match him step for step, but King never so much as made an attempt to bump Smith coming off the line. 

The Rams scouted Smith during the draft process, but never put him on their draft board according to our sources. Smith had questions about the size of his hands, but the Rams were not interested in a pure speed threat. Of course, Smith would never have had that kind of debut playing against any other team.