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Rams Vs Ravens: Rams Shutout Through Two Quarters

The St. Louis Rams headed into the locker room as fans at the Edward Jones Dome showered them with a cascade of well-deserved boos. After two quarters of play, the Baltimore Ravens lead the Rams by a score of 27-0. 

It's a stinker all the way around. Justin King was burned by rookie Torrey Smith who has three touchdowns on the day, that's exactly one more touchdown than the Rams have scored all season. 

On offense, things didn't look like they could get much worse, but they are. Bradford has struggled against an aggressive Ravens defense. His receivers continue to drop balls and find themselves unable to get open against coverage. On the ground Steven Jackson is playing, but Cadillac Williams is taking the bulk of the carries today. 

Bradford is 4 for 15 with 17 yards and one interception. Danario Alexander can do nothing when pressed at the line, and he is back to his feast or famine ways, despite being the Rams top target.