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Antonio Gates Status: Gates Will Not Play; McMichael Replaces Him

Just a little more fantasy football advice for you. Chargers TE Antonio Gates will not play today. The Chargers have a very favorable matchup against a hapless Kansas City Chiefs team. Gates is out with foot troubles. 

No Gates means a familiar face for Rams fans takes his place, none other than Randy McMichael, the disappointing tight end that Scott Linehan brought to town during those days. I'm not exactly a fantasy expert, but I probably would not start, or pick up, McMichael. 

Speaking of that game, if you're looking for a replacement for Jamaal Charles, you might try Thomas Jones. The Chiefs are talking about a committee of running backs, but Jones figures to lead the way based on this report. Either way, you don't need to bother with a Chiefs running back this week. 

This is the year for the smart waiver wire player. Blame the lockout or whatever you want, but lots of big names are not playing week in and week out this year.