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NFL Draft notes - late college open thread

  I'm writing this during the second set of games without and my future box score machine is broken, so I can't speak to what has happened in the big midday matchups of Texas A&M-Oklahoma St.(Mocking the Draft notes), Alabama-Arkansas (MTD notes) or Florida St.-Clemson.  But hey, if you're reading this, you probably watched one of them.  So fill us in on what you saw.

  And just a request, it always helps to add something new to the discussion.  Stuff like "Justin Blackmon is good!" or "Trent Richardson is a good running back" don't really clue people in to what you observed.  I'm guilty of it too, so it's as much a self-reminder as one for the community.  Oh, and by the way, Andrew Luck is a quarterback!

  On to tonight's action (and I don't have anything on my watchlist for this week yet, but I'll try to get a game in there by kickoff.  If I do, I'll update this post and scratch this parenthetical).  It might not be a great game, but Vanderbilt-South Carolina definitely has prospects aplenty on the Gamecocks' side including many Rams fan's favorite potential WR prospect, Alshon Jeffrey (#8 overall, #1 WR, notes, profile 1, profile 2).  And while Alabama RB Trent Richardson gets the lion's share of the draft talk for running backs, South Carolina's true sophomore RB Marcus Lattimore will likely be the recipient of similar affections next year.

  Good scouting to be had on some new football networks in a little while.  In a half hour, Nebraska kicks off against Wyoming on Versus; try to be nice to the Cowboys.  Van's got some alma mater love (and BTW, North Texas has to get it done against Indiana tonight...). A half hour later, it's Mizzou-Oklahoma on FX.  College Gameday was in Morgantown, WV, this morning to keep the love going through the day for LSU-W. Virginia (MTD notes), also at 8pm ET but on ABC.   And for you West Coasters, two solid Pac-12 matchups are on tap: Oregon-Arizona (FOOOOOOOOOOOLLESSSSS!) and USC-Arizona St.

  So keep it here all night with your observations.  Who's better/faster/stronger/crisper than anticipated?  What defenders are showing instincts that suggest they're NFL-caliber?  Get it in.