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NFL Draft notes - early college open thread

  If the cupboard was bare on Thursday and Friday, it's stocked today and the early games are no exception.  I've got the ESPN game on my watchlist for this week, an ACC battle between UNC and Georgia Tech.

  The Tar Heels have some obvious prospects that could land on the Rams, with four players in the top 50 of the Mocking the Draft Big Board.  Maybe the most tantalizing is OLB Zach Brown (#5 on the MTD board, #1 OLB).  Brown's a phenomenal athlete and a powerful tackler as well.  Today will be a good gauge to judge him on with Georgia Tech's wacky "We Shall Never Pass" offense.  If you like the triple option offense, then you're already going to watch this.  If you don't (and you want the Rams to continue to hunt for the mythical #1 WR), you might want to tune in to see UNC WR Dwight Jones (#42 on the MTD board, #7 WR).  Jones has plenty of size and runs well vertically, but still has some work to do on his inside routes.  Call him the anti-Julio Jones.

  ABC has Notre Dame-Pittsburgh, and Michael Floyd offers that same potential as a top WR (#18 overall, #3 WR). If you're looking for budding potential, look on the Panthers' offense. Pitt WR Devin Street is coming into his own as a draft-eligible RS sophomore.

  If you get ESPN3, there's a bevy of games to sort through as well.  And yes, things explode for the second set of games with three games that pit ranked teams against one another: Arkansas-Alabama, Clemson-Florida St. and Texas A&M-Oklahoma St.  Good stuff.

  If you're watching today, hit it up with me as you identify the future Rams in play today.