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College football notes / open thread

  Last night, Cincinnati whooped North Carolina St., 44-14, to open the college week.  Tonight, Central Florida heads to Utah to take on BYU.  I opted not to put it on my watchlist for this week since it's Friday and most people can only digest so much football.  If you're going to get your prospectin' on, save it for tomorrow.

  For tonight, though, there are a couple guys worth tracking if you happen to come across ESPN after 8:00pm ET.  You can get the list of BYU prospects in the week 2 tab in the watchlist.  There are rumblings that OT Matt Reynolds may move inside to guard at the NFL level.  Of course, that puts him in competition with teammate Braden Hansen who has a leg up on experience at the guard position.  For now though, the most credible future is at RT for Reynolds.

  Reynolds could have his hands full with UCF senior DE Darius Nall. He's got a pretty low ceiling for power moves, but can get in the backfield in a hurry.  He'll probably get to the NFL on special teams with a chance to get into a 3-4OLB rotation at some point.  Look for junior CB Josh Robinson on the Golden Knights as well.  He's a sturdy, quick CB who gets a good jump on the ball.  And while he's not draft eligibile yet as a true sophomore, UCF DT E.J. Dunston is worth noting.  At 6'2" and just over 300 lbs., Dunston moves well for his size.  I caught him in last week's defeat to FIU and was impressed enough that I'm eager to see him at least one more time this season.

  You know the deal.  If you're watching, if you're thinking draft, whatever - drop it here.