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Who is Responsible for the Rams Wide Receivers?

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  So much has been written of late about our head coach, Steve Spagnuolo, and offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. I join with Rams fans who are absolutely perplexed at our wide receiver corp's inability to catch a pass. Quite a few fans have posited the obvious known to all, again and again: "If they caught passes in college, why can't they catch them in the NFL?

  First, let me say right here, I have never considered myself a wide receiver expert. I played linebacker when I played football. Mostly because my stone hard head matched my stone hard hands. No one ever threw a pass to me, in a game, by choice. I couldn't catch so much as a cold with a game on the line... Seriously! Yet I do think I have the intellect to divine if a player has not only God given talent and if the player is coachable. The current situation with the Rams receiver corp seems to be one that points at who is teaching them the Rams way of catching a football. If you think that person is McDaniels or Spagnuolo, you'd be wrong. In this age of specialization, the coaching staff includes a wide receiver coach. He is the one who is responsible for doting the "I-s" and crossing the "Ts" on the these talent receivers. On the St. Louis Rams, that person is none other than one of my favorite Rams players of all time: Nolan Cromwell.

 I get a bit uncomfortable here, because I find myself thinking our receivers have a position coach they aren't responding to the way they should? If that's the case, we need to address the issue right now. Getting rid of Cromwell isn't something I'd like to think about, but...? Maybe it's time to ask Torry Holt or Isaac Bruce to have a look at our guys to find what's amiss? I just know if a quarterback had issues with his position coach, changes would be made now, not later. If our guys need better leadership at the position coach level, at any position, the Rams need to act now. The problems the Rams receivers are having now aren't just going to magically disappear...