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College football notes / open thread

  It's Thursday, and that means the college week begins.  Tonight, it's an intriguing non-conference battle between North Carolina St. and CincinnatiEvery Day Should Be Saturday has the preview from a college standpoint, but we're talking NFL draft here.

  You can see on my week 4 watchlist, this is a pretty thin list for tonight, especially on the Bearcats' side.  For the Rams, it's a shame because several of the more appropriate prospects for Rams fans are out, specifically OLB Terrell Manning, DT J.R. Sweezy (which may be T. Bron's stage name) and CB Mustafa Greene.  If you're looking for another RB, take a look at Cincy's Isaiah Pead.  He's a pure speed back; if you saw the Cincy-Tennessee game, he tore it up.  This should be another good chance to show that by now, his senior year, he's learned how to pick his spots to use that speed.

  Defensively, there's not a ton of top talent with Manning out, but keep an eye on NC St.'s true sophomore corner David Amerson.  A converted high school safety, Amerson has a frame to grow into at 6'3" and moves very fluidly.  He'll be a fun watch at the end of October when the Wolfpack plays Florida St. and UNC back-to-back.

  So if you're hungry for football and catch some of the game tonight, hit it up here in the comments.  Or have at my watchlist (with more to come by Saturday).  Or move the RB prospect discussion we had going over here.  Whatever.  Just keep it drafty.