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Ravens @ Rams Player to Watch: Haloti Ngata

 The St. Louis Rams and the ferocious Baltimore Ravens' defense square off Sunday at the Dome. Of all the players on the Ravens' great defense, the player who scares me the most is Haloti Ngata. Without a doubt, he is the best overall defensive linemen in the NFL. He is also one of the strongest men in the NFL. Along with that power, Ngata provides very good explosion off the line.  This allows him to wreck so many plays before they even begin.

 Ngata has an impact on every play he is in the game.  He has to be double teamed.  No one man in the NFL, not even guys like Logan Mankins or Jahri Evans, can block him one on one.  This means Ngata even has an impact on plays, where he never comes close to touching the ball carrier. When teams try to block him one-on-one, or even when he beats his double team, he will wreck havoc. One play that shows what happens when you don't block him correctly, or don't block him at all like the Steelers did on this play, is his forced fumble in week one.

Here's a video after the break...

 If the Rams can't contain Haloti Ngata, which is damn hard to do, they will have a horrendous time trying to move the ball down the field, and that's why Haloti Ngata is a player to watch.