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Over and Under Achievers

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 Hello Fantasy Football Fans,

  Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN. So if you have a guy who is possibly injured and not 100% take a look at the lower ranked guys I think will do well and move them into your lineup. But if I mention a top player like Peterson it will be tough to have a guy who can even produce 50% of his output so as always take these thoughts and make the best decision. Last week I bounced back from a terrible 1st week with a 9-4 in the Sit category and 9-5 in the Start. Let’s get to the rankings:



• Kyle Orton (22)-While the stats were not Newton like, he will improve on last week’s solid start with Lloyd coming back.

• Jay Cutler (17)-Green Bay is living off reputation on pass defense and Jay always plays better at home.

• Rex Grossman (14)-We will ride this horse again with him playing the banged up Dallas secondary.

• Cam Newton (10)-If you can stomach a few int’s look for another huge game against awful Jacksonville pass defense.

• DeMarco Murray (49)-Felix Jones sat out practice the past 2 days, look for a solid game from Murray.

• Dexter McCluster (40)-With dual eligibility and Charles injury I would expect 15 quality touches.

• Brandon Jacobs (36)-The Giants will go run heavy and no way they let shaky Eli throw the ball a lot against that Eagles secondary.

• Daniel Thomas (29)- The Phins made him the RB1 last week and other than the fumble, he played well.

• Jabar Gaffney (42)-Has had a solid year and should continue against Dallas.

• David Nelson (40)-He is now the full time slot receiver and Fitz loves this big target against awful Patriots pass defense.

• Devery Henderson (33)-He continues to put up WR1 numbers and I expect it to continue again this week.

• Deion Branch(25)-He looks like the Branch of his previous run with the Pats and now with no Hernandez, his targets will increase.

• Ben Watson (17)-He gets the play the worst team in the NFL defending Tight End’s.


• Michael Vick(5)-Coming off the concussion, this is a shaky start and one more hit could mean many weeks out.

• Tony Romo(8)-He will play but with almost all his weapons out, I would go in another direction.

• Matt Ryan (10)-Back on the road, where he is always shaky.

• Peyton Hillis (10)- He is getting a ton of touches but Shurmur mentioned more Hardesty and Miami does have a good run defense.

• Jahvid Best (12)-There is no way a guy with his production is almost a RB1.

• Steven Jackson (19)-Even if he finds a way on the field, there will be no room against the Ravens.

• Mike Tolbert (22)-While he is the pass catcher, his rushing is awful at 1 yard a carry and the fumble last week was a killer.

• Shonn Greene (25)-He really needs to get 4 yards a carry before thinking of starting him in a non-bye week.

• Felix Jones (26)-Has not practiced and even if he plays, there is a 1/3 job share.

• DeAngelo Williams (28)-Another player we need to see produce before placing him in any lineups.

  That is it for this week; we will be back early next week for the weekly free agent pickups and feel free to follow me on Twitter-dvond for any fantasy questions.

  ***Fantasy Mike***