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Random Ramsdom 9/22/2011: Mid Morning Rush


Is everyone ready for a mid-morning rush of articles? I hope so. Here we go:


Bernie over at the Post Dispatch believes that Spags knows the score.

As most third year coaches on rebuilding teams do, I'm sure. We'll have to wait and see if any changes the Rams worked on will show up against the Ravens.

Rams are working on scoring in the Red Zone

Thank God! They need to be after the abysmal display they put on against the Giants. Let's turn those 3's into 7's please.

Sando has some observations on the game

Fake injuries, Sam Bradford and a little pinch of the defensive line.

The Giants players who 'injured themselves' deny faking it.

Those were very serious injuries guys. Shame on us for assuming they simply fell to the ground. Shame on us.

Post Dispatch writers sound off on Danario

Is Danario being babied? It's tough to tell with his knee injuries when he puts up performances like he did against the GIants. Certainly, someone with sixteen^2 injuries to his knee will never be 100%, but if they guy wants to play, you might as well let him...especially if he puts up 100+ yards and a TD.

Bryan Kehl blames Perry Fewell on faked injuries

If you didn't know, Perry Fewell is the Giants DC. Of course, someone had to tell the players to do it, unless you know, those were real, serious injuries. Which they were. Because players don't fake it.