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NFL Picks Week #3: The Turf Show Times Weekly Picks

   So how exactly does one actually toot one's own horn? That's right TST'er, my stalwart band of writing brothers pale in comparison to my astute mind and keen eye when it comes to picking winners...

   Truthfully though, this really isn't the case. My choices were made with "straight-up" in mind. If it weren't for the betting line, I would have been in the middle of the pack and Mike D would be in the lead. Yet, as in life, a little rain must fall... So where does it say it has to fall on me? Grab an umbrella Mike D, and a few for the others, because I douse thee all!

   Now to keep my winning ways constantly improving, I've decide to pull out all the stops. I am going to create a Dream Team, of my very own. Built out of the TST faithful, we will take no prisoners and vanquish all before us... Heady stuff eh?

This weeks picks after the break!

   Taking my place this week is a TST rookie of sorts. He's mean, he's lean, he's a pickin' machine! You learned a bit about Taosman in the earlier front page profile. The reason for his choice? In the comment section of the first "Weekly Picks" post, he made mention of how cool it would be to let you TST rabble make choices too. So while we TST knights of the Van Bibber round table threw chicken bones over our shoulders, I pronounced "Let them eat cake!" Ryan immediately agreed, sort of... "No Doug, let them eat your cake!" So our Monte Python-esk team journey begins and I look forward to each and every one of you who join... That's right : Team TST

   How can you earn a place on Team TST? I actually have no idea? I think Ryan and Joe will perform some dark ritual that has something to do with puppy juggling while drinking copious amounts of cheap beer in hope of an epiphany. All I can say is: Stand ready people, because a poorly written e-mail from me could be winging it's way to you at any moment offering fame, fortune... and a chance to kick the TST staff's collective asses! Except mine of course. After all, it was my cake...


  Here are the Week #3 picks:

***A simple cover by the winning team is a win, no ties here based on spread***

Turfshowtimes_medium Baby_drinking_becks_medium Dickersonla2_1_ 2277397-space_needle_downtown_and_mt_rainier-seattle_medium Images_medium Gyi0062865695_medium Large Turfshowtimes_medium
Ryan 3K Taosman ram_rod Brick Top T. Ram Mike Consensus
Season Record 9 - 8 9 - 8 12 -5 8 - 9 10 - 7 9 - 8 8 - 8 ***
Win % YTD 52.9% 52.9% 70.5% 47% 58.8% 52.9% 50% 55%
Last Week 9 - 7 9 - 7 12 - 4 8 - 8 10 - 6 9 - 7 8 - 8 65 - 53
BAL @ STL Bal_medium Bal_medium Stl_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Stl_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium
S.F. @ CIN (-1) Cin_medium Cin_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Cin_medium Sfx_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium
DEN @TENN (-6) Ten_medium Ten_medium Ten_medium Den_medium Ten_medium Den_medium Den_medium Ten_medium
N.E. (-9)@ BUF Nep_medium Nep_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Buf_medium Nep_medium
K.C. @ S.D (-14) Kan_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium
AZ (-3)@ SEA Sea_medium Sea_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Sea_medium Ari_medium
PITT (-10)@ IND Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium
DET (-6) @ MINN Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Min_medium Det_medium
MIA @ CLE (-3) Mia_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium Mia_medium Cle_medium Mia_medium Cle_medium
HOU @ NO (-3) Hou_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Hou_medium Nos_medium Hou_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium
JAC @ CAR (-3) Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium Car_medium
NYJ (-4) @ OAK Nyj_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium
GB (-3) @ CHI Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Chi_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium
ATL @ T.B. (even) Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Tam_medium Atl_medium
NYG @ PHI Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Nyg_medium Phi_medium
WASH @ DAL (MNF) Was_medium Dal_medium Was_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium