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Danny Amendola Injury: Getting Close

Danny Amendola is getting closer to a return.
Danny Amendola is getting closer to a return.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola's dislocated elbow is getting better. The full range of motion returned to his dislocated elbow this week. For a Rams offense struggling to find reliable pass catchers, especially in the red zone, this is fabulous news. 

As for when Amendola will return to the field, the Rams have to wait until his strength returns. Knowing Amendola, that could happen sooner rather than later. Spagnuolo was optimistic, but did nothing to create any false expectations. The Rams have two more games until their bye week, and the week after that has been cited as a realistic date for his return. 

Steven Jackson did not practice today. Cadillac Williams did not practice either. The Rams wanted to give Williams an extra day to recover, and expect him to be fine this week. Jackson might be a different story. He couldn't run a forty on Monday night, so expecting him to be ready on a short week is probably a little too optimistic. 

The one injury that worries me is Ben Leber. He left with a groin injury on Monday night, and did not practice today. Hopefully, he can play this week in a week where the Rams face Ray Rice