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Mark Clayton Injury: Clayton Getting Closer

For those of you exasperated about the St. Louis Rams offense, today brought a reminder of the impending arrival of reinforcements. Finally re-signed as the preseason wound down, wide receiver Mark Clayton is on the PUP list, eligible to return after week six. And just how is Clayton progressing as he works his way back from a patellar tendon tear last year? 

Quite well, it would seem. Clayton updated fans via Twitter today:

Morning everybody week 3 we stepping it up to simulated practices and games to hit that conditioning.. Gotta be able to run All Day!

I'm no doctor, but you have to think that given where Clayton was at over the summer and where is now, that he could resume playing in that three week window the Rams have to add him to the active roster after week six. 

Another injured Ram, CB Dionte Dinkins, commented on Clayton's work this morning:

watching that boi @MarkClayton89 run his routes... #sweetlikethat

The Rams have their bye in week five, and play the Packers in week six. The Rams play the Cowboys and the Saints on the road in weeks seven and eight. Having Clayton ready about that time would be very nice.