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Random Ramsdom 9/21

Good morning!! Today the Rams are preparing to play the Ravens. The Rams have started 0-2 for the fourth strait year so I do not need to explain the importance of the next two games for the Rams against the Ravens and Redskins. Let's get to the links.

Rams not sure about SJax's Status

The Rams are not sure if Steven Jackson will be ready for the Ravens next week. This is just how it is with quad injuries, no one knows when players will come back from them. Hopefully Jackson can come back soon because no matter how effective Cadillac Williams can be, he is no Steven Jackson.

Rams will file complaint about Giants faking injuries

As every Ram's fan noticed, the Rams were very good in the hurry up against the Giants early. What then happened when the Rams reached the Giants goal line is two players just fell over, in what appears to be a stall tactic. I've never heard of a fine or penalty for stalling in the NFL, but with all the team now moving towards hurry up, maybe this is a good time for the league to look into punishments for faking injuries. Right now the league can't punish the Giants unless a player or the coaches admit that they were faking injuries. I'm hoping this controversy will get the NFL rules committee to look into it and get a rule against it.

Rams aren't panicking...yet

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch wrote that the Rams aren't in any sort of panic mode yet. Spags talked about how the Giants started 0-2 in 2007 and let in over 80 points in those games. That team went on to win the Super Bowl. It's not over yet, but we need to get wins. Here's Spags

"We're certainly not where we want to be, record-wise or performance-wise," coach Steve Spagnuolo said Tuesday, after reviewing tape of the Rams' 28-16 Monday night loss to the Giants. "But I will say this, we've always said this: It's not about how you start, it's how you finish. Now, you can only use that saying for so long because then you start running out of games."

Rams probably going to sign a CB today

The Rams are likely going to sign a CB today or tomorrow. They desperately need one now as the guy they brought in last week, Tim Atchison, has just suffered an injury as well. Ryan Van Bibber's article talked about some guys the Rams may be interested in including, Brian Jackson, David Jones, and Rod Hood.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!