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St. Louis Rams Ready To Add A Cornerback

The St. Louis Rams worked out five street free agents today. The group at Rams Park consisted of two conerbacks, two wide receivers and a quarterback. A move is coming tomorrow as the team looks to replace CB Tim Atchison, who will be placed on Injured Reserve with a torn hamstring. 

The players at Rams Park today, according to Jim Thomas, were: WR Britt Davis, WR Buddy Farnham, CB Brian Jackson, CB David Jones, and QB James Riddle. They worked out another group of corners following the loss of Ron Bartell in week one. That group included veteran CB Rod Hood

Davis is a former Broncos' practice squad guy who would be eligible for the Rams practice squad. Farnham was a Patriots practice squad player last year. David Jones, recently of the Jaguars, is the only veteran of the bunch (unless it's another David Jones). 

It looks like the Rams lean toward signing Josh Gordy from the practice squad, and replacing him with one of these players. They might also be looking for some help in the return game with Danny Amendola still recovering from a dislocated elbow and Greg Salas dealing with a rib injury.