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St. Louis Rams WR Danario Alexander To Get More Work

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The St. Louis Rams will be steadily increasing wide receiver Danario Alexander's workload this week. Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo explained in his news conference today that Alexander will see more reps in practice as the team prepares for next week's game against Baltimore. More work means more risk for Alexander who has had five surgeries on his knee. 

Alexander lead the Rams passing attack this week with 122 yards and a touchdown on just 3 catches. The Mizzou product is the team's only true down field threat with his long stride. He's also the tallest of the Rams' receivers with a jump ball ability that makes him a desirable red zone target. More Alexander is a good thing for the Rams offense. 

Cornerback tops the shopping list again this week, with last week's replacement Tim Atchison suffering a hamstring tear. One possibility is UDFA Josh Gordy from Central Michigan. Several free agents may be at Rams Park today for evaluation as well.