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Will The St. Louis Rams Add A Cornerback?

With Ron Bartell out for the season, maybe longer with a fractured vertebrae, it should be relatively obvious that the St. Louis Rams need some help at cornerback. Justin King struggled last night playing in place of Bartell. After Bradley Fletcher the Rams depth chart get awfully thin at corner. They may want to take another look at some of the available players. 

Following their week one loss to the Eaglesseveral free agent corners visited Rams Park, including Rod Hood and C.J. Wilson (Wilson actually visited before the season opener). The Rams ended up signing undrafted rookie free agent Tim Atchison, a safety-corner hybrid. Atchison may have enough upside to be stashed on the practice squad, but the Rams need something more than raw potential on the game day roster. 

Marquis Johnson, a seventh-round pick out of Alabama last year, is on the PUP list, making him eligible to return after week six. Johnson at least knows the defense. Another undrafted rookie, Dionte Dinkins, could be healthy enough to play soon after a preseason injury. The problem with these three guys is their lack of experience, lack of exposure at the NFL level. Corner is one of the most difficult positions to learn and adjust to, even for first-round picks as Patrick Peterson would tell you. Those three are unlikely to offer much more than Justin King at this point in their careers.

Tuesday is usually tryout day. Keep an eye on the wire to see if the Rams have any visitors today. Watching last night's game, I have to think Devaney and Spagnuolo will be considering some additional options at corner.