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Week 3 power rankings - headin' south

There's not a ton worth putting down here. The Rams had an opportunity to win a big game on a big stage and they failed. It doesn't look good in the standings, and it certainly doesn't help our standing in the power rankings.

And just a note, the reason power rankings are important is that cumulatively, the provide a sense of an overarching conventional wisdom that spans traditional media and new media. A nationwide aggregation of sentiment, they are a measuring stick that suggests where the football world sees the Rams. That said football world saw the Rams take a big leap forward last year is directly tied to the Rams receiving two Monday Night Football contests this year. The Rams' final MNF game comes in week 14 when we travel to Seattle.

For reference, here's last week's ranking summary.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 23.90 (10)
Average change from last week -2.90
Highest ranking (source) 20th (Sports Illustrated)
Lowest ranking (source) 27th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (
Biggest negative change (source) -7 (SB Nation)

SB Nation: 22nd (15th last week)

This was my NFC West team before the season started but now...?

The rest of the major power rankings after the jump.

ESPN: 22nd (20th)

Fourth consecutive 0-2 start raises the stakes with Baltimore and Washington visiting next. 21st (21st)

CBS Sports: 25th (23rd) - Prisco yet again draws my ire. At least mention the difficulty of the schedule before the games. It doesn't take that much effort. We've been doing it for months.

They are 0-2 and face a huge home game Sunday against the Ravens. The schedule maker didn't do them any favors to start the season.

Pro Football Talk: 26th (21st)

To have hope in December, the Rams need to steal one or two during a killer stretch of early-season games.

National Football Post: 25th (20th) - Not sure how stale we look, given that Bradford had a career high in passing yards. Maybe if they replace, "on offense" with "in the red zone."

The Rams look stale on offense in Josh McDaniels’ first year as OC in St. Louis.

Sporting News: 27th (25th)

Let's hope Bradford can hang in there all season despite injuries depleting his receiving corps and backfield. It's been a rough two weeks of taking a beating so far.

Pro Football Weekly: 24th (23rd) - PFW really does keep it concise.

Bradford will be tested with top skill players injured.

Fox Sports: 27th (26th)

This team has a bright future, but it's just that, the future. It doesn't get any easier with Baltimore, Washington, Green Bay, Dallas and New Orleans up next on your schedule. These teams are a combined 7-3 on the season so far. Ouch.

Sports Illustrated: 20th (16th)

Really, Cadillac Williams? You've been an NFL running back for seven years now and you don't know what a lateral looks like? I'm always astounded when the guys who play football for a living don't seem to know the rules as well as your average kid playing the game in your average backyard.