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Random Ramsdom, 9/20: Prime Time Flop

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Like every morning, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. today. Like so many mornings after the St. Louis Rams play, I wondered, hoped that the whole thing was just a dream. Nope. The St. Louis Rams, which have come to be defined by incompetency since the Greatest Show ended, really did lose an ugly one to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

Let's take a look at the links, gauge the reactions.

Red-zone woes doom Rams again - The Rams left 12 points on the board thanks to their red zone impotency. Looking at the math, they lost by 12 points. Coincidence? Don't let the Rams offensive line off the hook here either. They were frustrating and inconsistent. No power blocking, weak pass protection...these things were supposed to be fixed. THeir poor play stymied the running game and took the play action pass off the table.

Rams Report Card: RBs flunk in Jackson's absence - Bad grades all around for the Rams. It looks like my freshman year of college when girls and pretending to be 21 provided oh so many distractions from the tasks at hand. I don't know what kept the Rams coaches from the tasks at hand, but their players just weren't ready to play this week.

Bernie: Bradford still has room to grow - Bradford showed some real pizzaz last night, according to Bernie MIklasz. However, his shortcomings were hard to ignore. He was 0-4 on his first half red zone attempts, with some help from his receivers, and three of nine on his last passes of the first half. Lots of questions from Bernie on this one.

Pressure problems for the Rams Bradford failed to complete any of his 11 pass attempts on 14 dropbacks where he was pressured. He has a league low completion percentage, 28.6 percent, since last season when pressured. The issue is in part due to the second-year QB making his own protection calls at the line, part due to the sub-par cast around him.

Rams Embarrass Themselves On National TV, again - Rams Gab takes a look at the Rams second consecutive flop on national TV.

MNF Recap: Rams can't make up their mind to win, end up losing - Will at Rams Herd notes that the most frustrating part of this game was the Rams tantalizing ability to makes some risky plays and flashes of the vertical offense that McDaniels was supposed to bring. Next to that, however, was the same old incompetency that has come to define the Rams.

Rams Are Their Own Worst Enemy - Patty at the Pigskin Arch goes over the litany of mistakes. To her credit, she also picks out the high notes, the positives that others might be too blinded by rage to see.