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The Quick Five: Week Two

  I think this one hurts more than the Eagles loss. The Eagles are a great team. The Giants are an occasionally good team. The Rams should (as opposed to last week, which was could) have won this game. Mental errors and even more dropped passes cost them points, and our Red Zone inability to punch the ball in cost them even more. One of the biggest 'huh' questions I had was why were Alexander and Quinn inactive last week? Finally, I miss you Ron Bartell. So does everyone else who likes the Rams. Get well soon, we need you. Onwards!

Danario Alexander, WR

Hello! He had a few great grabs and was the best WR on the field tonight for the Rams. That isn't saying much, but still, he made his opportunities count. I don't see him being inactive very much after this point.

Greg Salas, WR

 A replacement for Danny Amendola he did not make, as Yoda would say. Speaking of Yoda, it appears that Greg Salas used the force to repel balls from his hands, because he couldn't catch a damn thing yesterday.


Justin King, CB

 I put him on blast last week, and I'll do it again. He is not a starting caliber player. The Rams desperately need help at corner. If they don't sign someone soon, I'm seriously going to question what the hell they are doing. They need depth at the very least. Ignoring this problem won't make it go away.

Offensive Line

 Last week, they blocked pretty well for Cadillac Williams and Steven Jackson. This week saw the return of the 2009 offensive line, which probably couldn't block a defensive line consisting solely of Jeff Feagles and Trent Dilfer. How much money do you have to spend to have a line that performs well?

James Laurinaitis, LB

 There is no doubt that he is becoming one of, if THE , best linebackers in the league. The way he played back and forth with Eli Manning was amazing, and he was all over the place last night.


 The defensive line looked good at times, but couldn't get constant pressure without blitz help. Mikell has made me completely forget about O.J. Atogwe. Craig Dahl is giving Darian Stewart reasons to start. It's pretty sad when this quote sums up a team...

"This is a dumb football team."

C'mon guys!.


VTramsFan's #6:  Steve Spagnuolo, Head Coach (Red Thumbs Down)

I was also extremely disappointed at coach Spags, particularly at his game management the last two drives of the game. He should have a big red thumbs down as well. This could have possibly been his worst coaching effort to date.

(Sidebar: At this stage, the Rams are down 12 because Spags elected to NOT go for 2 after the TD.. as 3k pointed out in the game thread, tell me, what's the difference being down 12 or 13 points? Why not take a chance at a 2 point cvr and only be down by 11?)

Drive 1: Rams get the ball at their own 20 down by 12 points with 7:20 left to play.... NO hurry up? Which I might add, worked like a charm the entire first quarter (which begs to question, why didn't they go back to it?). After a quick 3 and out, the Rams... PUNT with 6:35 left? You should go for it here, and if the Giants hold, you can still hold them to 3 and be down 15 (maybe even 14 had we got a 2 pt cvr.. ahem.. see sidebar above).

Drive 2: Rams get the ball with 2:08 left... Holding by Saffold (great job ref's.. that's called a pancake not a hold) and after 3 incompletions, the Rams PUNT with 1:41 left... essentially saying "we give up". Why not take a shot deep? Perhaps a pass interference and a quick score (after all, the Giants CB's were questionable all night long and DX looked GOOD on the fades against them did he not)? Onside kicks are still allowed right? I mean, if we were down 30 points I can see punting, but I just don't understand how you can just give up at the end of the game after Spags is preaching every week, "all I ask for guys is your best effort right to the final whistle". 

I know, I know, more than likely the game was over anyway, especially with the 4th and long, but the keyword here is "likely" not "definitely". What a message that sends to the team. "Let's punt, and watch Eli kneel". Even a TD to make the score respectable and build for next week is SOMETHING right? How about some pride?? Splendid. Absolutely lousy, weak football coaching. This deserved a big red thumbs down.

(Another sidebar: Let me also add that last week down by 18 points with about 4 minutes left Bradford stayed in and injured his finger. Decisions seem to be all over the place.. one week you play to the end, the next you don't. Confused?)