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Sept. 2 college football open thread

Got home late, so thread's up late. Michigan St. - Youngstown St.. (the original coaching launching pad of new Colts something or other Jim Tressel) is underway, and TCU - Baylor goes down at 8:00pm ET.

I had the Frogs-Bears game in my week 1 watchlist if you want to follow on and look for prospects. Speaking of prospects, I had Spartan DT Jerel Worthy going #2 overall in my first (and only to this point) 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

So who will you be watching tonight and tomorrow? What prospects impressed you last night? What positions do you think the Rams will be eager to fill with a top prospect in next year's draft?

Hit me up and let's talk college. If not, I may just start talking about sugar cubes. There's something evil about those things, I just haven't figured out exactly what. Just something about sucrose and Picasso that strikes me wrong.