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Random Ramsdom, 9/2: Rams Wrap up Perfect Preseason

The Rams have wrapped up their preseason schedule last night by beat the Jaguars 24-17.  They won every game in the preseason, but does it really mean anything?  Not really.  The Rams are usually a very good preseason team and everyone knows the preseason has nothing to do with the regular season.  The Colts never play well in the preseason, but they still win boat loads of games each year.  With that said, it still feels very good to win all of them.

On to the links

Breakdown of Rams/Jags

Here's the game recap from VanRam.  He mentioned the starters played very well and look like they are ready to start the season.  He also mentions the controversy(?) between AJ Feely and Thad Lewis.

Donnie Avery made a good impression on Devanney

On the broadcast last night, Devanney was being interviewed.  During this time when they were talking about the WRs, he mentioned that draft status doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how you got here.  He also mentioned when Donnie Avery was making some plays.

"Here is Donnie Avery showing up again," Devaney told analyst Marshall Faulk after being asked whether the final preseason game can force a team to keep a certain player. "He's having a helluva game so far."

Also about the importance of the final preseason game for roster spots.

"It's the last thing on your mind as you go into the final cuts," Devaney said. "You kind of focus on that last game, good and bad. You have to look at the whole game, the practices, the scrimmage, but it is a huge part of that process.

Will Clayton be PUPed?

Jim Thomas of the Post seems to think he will.  I also think that putting him on PUP is the most probable thing.  I don't' think his knee is entirely heathy yet and he still has to learn the offense.  He could us the time off to rehab his knee with team doctors and learn the playbook with the coaches.  After 6 weeks the Rams can reassess the WR position and decide what direction to go then.

Van 53 man roster prediction

Here's van roster prediction for the defense (the offense is linked in the post.)  Cutdown day is Saturday and we are all wondering will the Rams cut the rookie WRs, will they keep 7 WRs, how many TEs make the team, and if they will keep 2 or 3 QBs?  We will all know soon.

Have a good one and GO RAMS!!!