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Monday Night Football: Giants Lead Rams 7-6 Through First Quarter

The New York Giants lead the St. Louis Rams through the first quarter of Monday night football. Astonishingly enough. Sam Bradford and the no huddle offense has kept the Giants defense on their toes, to the point they needed a fake injury to stop the clock. Unfortunately, the Rams have been unable to convert in their red zone attempts, settling for field goals. 

The Rams defense has played very well. They got burned by a pass interference call which put the Giants at the goal line. A back shoulder fade to Nicks for one of Manning's few completions gave the Giants seven points. Despite that, the Rams defense has held the Giants offense in check. 

The trick for the Rams will be to keep their foot on the gas pedal, keep pushing toward the end zone and convert one of those trips to a touchdown at some point. It's the second quarter, dive in.