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Monday Night Football, Rams Vs Giants: Game Thread

This is it, the St. Louis Rams return to prime time for the first time since their week 17 loss to Seattle last year. This is the Rams first Monday Night Football appearance since 2006. On the other side of the field, the New York Giants, a team that has suffered catastrophic injuries to key starters this season.

Tonight's game is a bit of a homecoming for Steve Spagnuolo. He won a Super Bowl during his two years as defensive coordinator with the Giants, when his defensive line famously turned in one of the best efforts in post-season football to win an unlikely championship.

The Rams need a win in the worst way, padding their schedule ahead of upcoming games with the Ravens, Packers and Saints. Erasing the memory of last week's loss to the Eagles would be well advised too, with expectations on this team so much higher than they've been in the past.

Let's go RAMS!