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Steven Jackson Injury: Jackson Thinking Long Term On Decision To Play

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson is a game time decision for tonight's prime time game against the New York Giants. As noted earlier today, Jackson will go through team workouts prior to the game. His availability will then be based on how he feels from there.

Jackson himself weighed in on the situation this afternoon. He told fans via Twitter that he is still unsure whether or not he will play tonight. How his quad feels after the workout will be the deciding factor.

You can imagine that Jackson wants to play. As the veteran leader of the offense, Jackson is known for his willingness to do whatever it takes to give his team the chance to win. However, sometimes that means not rushing things like a quad injury. Here's Jackson with some perspective.

I've been waiting a long time for this moment. But more importantly I have to be smart about the season.

Truer words...The Rams will need Jackson for 14 more games beyond this one. As badly as they need a win tonight, the risk of Jackson missing more time would be worse in the long run.