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St. Louis Rams Tailgating Help For Out-Of-Town Fans

The St. Louis Rams are playing the New York Giants at the Met Life Stadium New Jersey. As the audience of this site has grown, we're picking up fans from all over the world. We have a small contingent along the Eastern Seaboard as well, and I'm issuing a plea on behalf of those fans.

First, if you're in the area and plan to tailgate tonight at the game, a contingent of Rams fans will be tailgating at Lot K in the grass near the Timex Building. Just hit up @tonysopRAMo on Twitter for the details. I know our fantasy football writer Mike D is headed to the game tonight too.

If you're in the tri-state region or anywhere else close by, connect with other fans right here.

I had another request from a Rams fan in Washington DC. I know we have a few Washington fans on board here. I was one myself for a couple years, when I started this site, but never found a big Rams diaspora in DC. If you know of a place in DC, a sports bar or something, please let @Wink303 know where the fans are getting together.