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NFL Week 2: Cam Newton Entertains, Open Thread

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The NFL is off to a good start so far this week. The biggest surprise seems to be Cam Newton. The Carolina rookie QB is 8 for 10 with 86 yards and a touchdown against the defending champs. If you watched the early part of the game, it was clear they had no answer for him either. Cam Newton famously described himself as an entertainer, and he certainly seems to be that. He might be a pretty good football player too. 

Elsewhere, Rex Grossman has two interceptions. I hate to say I told you so, but the fantasy football groupthink that Sexy Rexy would be nails today looks to be way off. 

Detroit and Kansas City are brawling, literally. Jamaal Charles just went down with an injury...had to be carted off the field. He also hit the mascot in the process, adding even more indignity to the whole thing. 

I'm almost more surprised that Pittsburgh is only leading Seattle 7-0 after one quarter. 

In the Oakland-Buffalo game, which I was kind of excited about, Oakland just scored on a Michael Bush 1-yard TD run.