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NFL Picks Week 2: Upsets in the Offing?

Yay! I have Tim Hightower on my fantasy team too.
Yay! I have Tim Hightower on my fantasy team too.

It's time to make your NFL picks for the week. You have to wait another day for the St. Louis Rams, but there is plenty of good football action to watch today. The rest of the NFC West plays today, with some tough matchups in front of them. The NFL has a handful of other games on tap for today, in a week with no conference games scheduled. 

The TST staff made their weekly picks here. Yours truly wrote a handy dandy viewing guide to the most hyped games of the week, and all the NFL Week 2 odds are covered here. 

NFC West in Action

Arizona plays at Washington in a game that everyone thinks will be dominated by Rex Grossman. Maybe, but I think Tim Hightower really has a good day in store for him.

Seattle gets sacrificed to an angry Steelers team today, still upset over a blowout in Baltimore. 

San Francisco hosts the Cowboys who would like to prevent another collapse this season. 

Elsewhere Around the NFL 

Personally, I think the Buffalo-Oakland game has the potential to be among the best. Led by former Rams QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills look like this year's worst to first story. 

Of course that would involved getting past the Patriots, so maybe not. New England has a potentially high-scoring matchup against San Diego today. Can the Chargers go 2-0 for the first time since Norv Turner took over? Doubtfully, but they're moving to LA soon anyway...right?

The prime time game puts the Dream Team in a dome for the second straight week, but the Atlanta Falcons should be a little more difficult to handle than the Rams. Really pulling for the Falcons in this one. 

What are your predictions for the day? Got a fantasy football question? Betting questions? Comments? Hit us up.