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NFL Draft notes - evening college open thread (Sept. 17)

Well, we're into the final group of games (save for a handful of games including a good Pac-12 matchup). Some strong performances today both by teams and notable prospects.

Wisconsin's O-line was just way too much forth Northern Illinois, whose offense never really got on track against an underrated Badger defense. Nebraska rolled with QB Taylor Martinez, and a good number of horrendous refereeing decisions, over Washington in a game that saw 89 points scored. Kirk Cousins and Michigan St. were held in check for the whole game by Notre Dame, who were possibly going on suicide watch if they lost today.

There were plenty of other performances worth noting, so feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments. And we're not done yet.

Alabama and North Texas are underway. If you like punishment, feel free to tune in (although my Mean Green did hold the Tide to a field goal on possession number uno). Ohio St.-Miami is underway on ESPN, and yes it is called the Compliance Bowl. If you get the Big Ten Network, the Illinois-Arizona St. game has serious implications. The marquee matchup of Oklahoma-Florida St. kicks off soon on ABC, and it's the final game on my week 3 watchlist (now with improved finishability!). And the aforementioned Pac-12 clash to watch is Arizona-Stanford which kicks off at 10:45ET (good God, have you no shame Pac-12?!) on ESPN.

So as we get into the midnight hour with some quality football, kick it here. And I know I speak for all of us when I say...GO MEAN GREEN!