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NFL Draft notes - early college open thread

I'll be working on this week's watch list this morning. I'll update this story when it's done. In the meantime, here are some early game notes for the draftnik in all of us.

- Mel Kiper's 2012 Big Board (Insider access required) has just one player from the Big East: WVU DE/OLB Bruce Irvin (MTD prospect notes). He's at #102 on the Mocking the Draft big board right now (insider access never required...), but with Maryland today and LSU up next week, he's got a chance to really shoot up the boards with some big performances.

- Clemson's close to cracking the top 25, and a win today over Auburn (whose first two games against Utah St. and Mississippi St. caused multiple heart attacks) might just be enough to get them in. Key to their brutal three game stretch of Auburn-Florida St.-Va. Tech will be RB Andre Ellington, #132 on the MTD big board. Dude is stupid fast. He's made in the mold of the modern speed back (5'10", 190); if he can find ways to run through/by the defenses he'll be up against these next couple of weeks, he could be a popular option for teams looking to add some raw speed to their backfield.

- Devon Still (MTD big board #135, w/ notes) was all over the field against Alabama last week, but the rest of his team was just overwhelmed by the talent level of the Tide. The Nittany Lions are back on even terms this week with an underrated Temple team. Rams fans looking for a DT might want to check Still out this year, though I can't blame you if you wait until November when Penn St. finishes the season with a Nebraska-Ohio St.-Wisconsin trio.

There's a couple other early games on TV. So whatever game you're watching, whatever prospects your keeping tabs on, put it down on the record right here.